2018 National Painting Cost Estimator


2017 National Painting Cost Estimator
By Dennis D. Gleason

A complete guide to estimating painting cost for any type of residential, commercial, or industrial painting. Includes FREE estimating software download!

Price: $88.00
Product Code/ISBN: 9781572183285
Year: 2017
Binding: Softcover
Publisher: Craftsman Book Company

A complete guide to Cost Estimates and Bid Prices of Surface Prep and Painting on Any Job — Brush, Roller, or Spray.

The National Painting Cost Estimator is the most complete, authoritative and reliable unit cost guide ever made available to paint estimators. No matter what types of work you estimate, no matter what your costs are, this book will help you produce consistently reliable painting estimates in dollars and cents.

The most accurate paint estimates are always custom-made for a particular job. That’s because no single material cost, no manhour estimate, no pricing system fits all work and all bidders. Your estimates have to be based on your actual productivity rate, your material costs, labor costs, overhead percentage, and profit expectations.

Use your copy of The National Painting Cost Estimator to get accurate estimates for coating any common surface with any type of paint, whether application is by brush, spray, roller, or mitt:

Manhours per 100 square feet or 100 linear feet for new construction or custom repaint
Material coverage rates for new construction or custom repainting
Material costs that reflect the discounts you expect to receive
The labor costs per 100 square feet or linear feet, no matter what hourly wage you pay and no matter what your overhead percentage
The profit margin to include (based on your own profit goals)