McGraw-Hill’s Electrician’s Exam Study Guide


Turn to the Electrician’s Exam Study Guide for the knowledge, practice, and confidence needed to pass the Journeyman and Master Electrician exams with flying colors. This practical resource contains 1,500 questions_presented in the same format used on the actual exam_plus accurate answers to all questions. The book also includes references to the National Electrical Code®, with extensive illustrations to help you gain full insight into the Code®.

Filled with extensive tables and examples, this on-target guide presents a wealth of information on general definitions and requirements for installations…wiring methods…equipment… product safety standards… administration and enforcement…and much more. The Electrician’s Exam Study Guide features:

  • 1,500 exam-style multiple choice and true/false questions and answers
  • NEC® tables and detailed illustrations that help clarify complicated Code® and show how to use local codebooks to solve exam questions
  • National Electrician Code® references
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